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Our Story

Since 1996 we are specialists in ICT-products, -services and consultancy.
We continue our focus on cost saving products and services for medium and large companies and provide consultancy for expert roles on cutting edge ICT technology.


Avelyn provides modern ICT-Products, -Services and Consultancy. We are specialized in Agile Management-, Aplication Landscape- and Specialist Allocation tools. We buy your home-made IT-software, customize it for the wider market and make it available as a SAAS for you and others. The more we sell to other customers, the more you benefit! 

Solutions are reinvented and re-implemented many times in the same timeframe by different companies.
Avelyn solves this inefficiency and waste of money in a remarkable way. Don't reinvent the wheel again! 

The basis is to provide clients, even competitors amoungst each other, with basic Tools and Business Software, the products we all need and doesn't toutch on the unique selling points (USP's).
The development of these common products can also be guided by Avelyn from scratch!

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