Our approach to Products

Our products are created together with partners and made available for YOU. That means that we focus on re-usability of software. Especially business software used in niche markets and specific software to support the delivery pipeline have our attention. Why not circular economics in software development? Better for the environment and financially smarter!

Software Tools in development

Currently developing tools for:

Application Landscape

Get in contact with us to see if one of these these tools can be beneficial to your organisation.

Operational Support Software


Guide Me

Seamless guiding new users through your system with Guide Me. This will save a lot of explanation and coaching of new or rusty users. New software features are explained, no istructions needed anymore. Guide Me is the Friend of Agile software Development teams and Users!

Application Landscape Module

The Application Landscape Module (ALM) provide organizations with a realtime overview of their application landscape, the related modules, licences, use and costs. A must have for IT Management!


Blockchain Application Development Initiative

Bitcoins which is based on Blockchain technology, has been called “digital gold,” and for a good reason. To date, the total value of the currency is close to 9 billion Euro's. And blockchains can be used for many other types of digital value. Like the engine of your car, you don’t need to know how it exacly works. The callenge is how to use it! This is the era where developments of new blockchain-applications take place! With a select set of partners a center of expertise is built for design and development of specific blockchain systems and applications. 

If you are interested to join this initiative, you can easily contact us. We are happy to welcome you in our team!

Internet of Things (IoT)

Large organisations need, at least, to go with the flow of consumer demand. Internet of Things is rising in popularity, and if you want to make profit with a new vast hype this Christmas, you need to focus on IoT an Big Data. A select team of Avelyn brings major players together to combine their innovation power which results in 1+1=3 successes! More enterprises are invited to join in these initiatives! 

Why Us?

Creative Thinking

A wide range of ICT knowledge, business sensitivity and a drive for innovation is in our dna. Combine that with a lean&agile mindset  and a 'green' hart, you will get a unique format which is focussed on creative and valuable solutions to your (our customers) challenge.

Awesome Customer Support
We are transparent

Our Strengths

  • Broad expertise on ICT-, Business-, Market- and Digital trends.
  • Best in Class in innovative projects
  • We team-up with our clients
  • Highly motivated experts
  • We dare to experiment
  • No 'Cure, No Pay' policy
  • We are professionals, client oriented and nice people
  • Eager to be environment friendly 

If you are interested to join a development intiative, just contact us today!

If you decide to buy software. We support you in the process for implementation and initial use and training of administrators and users. Per product and number of concurrent users the details of this initial configuration and the level of support is determined.

If you want to know more, or you just have a question, don't hesitate to contact us! We guarantee that we do our best to help you with the challenges you are faced with!

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